Sunday, July 15, 2007

More Mighty Mo M Flight Data

I took the perfectflite MAWD data for the AMW 1350, AMW 1480 and AMW 1850 flights and lined up the plots.

Note the 1850 flight the Main did not deploy due to a rubber band I left on the deployment bag. Fortunately the Main shroudline tangled with the nosecone shockcord. So the entire rocket came down on the 5 foot TAC-9 chute. Oh yes, I am very lucky there was no damage. The soft ground helped.

I also left a rubberband on the drogue on the 1350 flight. So it had no drogue. I am definitely leaving the rubberband out for future flights.

I think the extra thrust on the 1850 made for more drag and a lower altitude.

No doubt the 1480 flight was technically the best. However, for visual effect and the longer burn my favorite was the 1350.

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